Standing poses with support.

A 30 minute Iyengar yoga practice

Iyengar yoga is known for the use of “props” and these props are used to improve a yoga practice in so many ways.
Just recently I have found myself admiring tables, chairs, railings and so on, not for their beauty but as a potential yoga prop.
Some objects are just the perfect height, width and strength to do the job.
With a little bit of imagination, a baked bean can becomes a yoga brick, a pile of old magazines (taped together) a foam pad and some railings by the sea…….

The wind was icy cold but the sun was shining.
Here are a few standing poses that sprung to mind whilst hanging around the railings at Hayle river mouth.

Please make sure any objects you do use are strong and suitable. My rule of thumb; if you are not sure, don’t use it.
Listen to your body, don’t overstretch yourself.
Enjoy! x

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