Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and sports and remedial massage therapist

Lucy Aldridge

Lucy is a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and a sports and remedial massage therapist. Based in St. Ives, South West Cornwall, Lucy teaches regular classes and one to one tuition in Cornwall and on the beautiful Island of Tresco.

Lucy's Blog

Balance and breathe

Trees are the lungs of the earth. Trees help our planet breathe. Vrksasana (tree pose) enables our chest and lungs […]

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Just Savasana by the sea

At the end of this morning’s session, Sam said “that was lovely! Just lying there at the end of the […]

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Standing in your legs

Right… at the beginning I say this will be a 10 minute practice… my timing this time was not so […]

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Turning my world upside down

Simply working towards some inversions, I do give other options if you don’t fancy or cannot go upside down. I […]

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Release your shoulders

If you have ever tried to surf, you will know how tight the shoulders can become, even after just a […]

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Twisting up Trencrom

Before the lock-down rules tightened I took my mat up to the shelter of the boulders up on Trencrom. The […]

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Just 3 poses

Utthita trikonasana, Ardha Chandrasana and Anantasana, aka; Triangle, Half moon and the Blissful pose are the asanas that take centre […]

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Chair pose with a chair

A few nights ago I was on Facebook chatting on the ‘Women with camper-vans’ forum about the idea that a […]

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