Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and sports and remedial massage therapist

Lucy Aldridge

Lucy is a Senior Iyengar yoga teacher and a sports and remedial massage therapist. Based in St. Ives, South West Cornwall, Lucy teaches regular classes and one to one tuition in Cornwall and on the beautiful Island of Tresco.

Lucy's Blog

Iyengar Warrior pose sequence

Take your yoga outside. Warrior poses need no mat, just good flat non slip shoes or bare feet if the […]

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A 50 minute Iyengar Yoga practice for strength and balance

It was such a beautiful day, I felt the need to stand on one leg. I love Iyengar yoga, it […]

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Shoulder mobility

Here are some simple stretches to bring a bit of fluidity to your shoulders. I also cover tree pose and […]

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Yoga for hips, to help with Lotus pose (Padmasana), an Iyengar practice

In today’s session I will guide you through gentle hip movements to help with Lotus pose, aka Padmasana. Look after […]

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From Standing to gentle Ustrasana

Ustrasana or Camel pose is a wonderful heart opening pose, it lifts the spirit and opens up the chest. Standing […]

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Standing poses and back bends

According to Prashant Iyengar “Standing poses bring strength, backbends are for courage”. I really enjoy how I feel after these […]

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Supported Sun Salutes with a chair or Bench

Using a chair (I was using a bench) is a beautifully gentle way to introduce Surya Namaskar (salutations to the […]

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A 50 Minute Iyengar Yoga Practice

This is one of those unplanned sessions, the yoga just flowed. Firstly we look at shoulder mobility then towards strength. […]

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