Saturday supta padangustasana

I’ve never held classes for the National Iyengar yoga day, it was such fun. Myself and fellow teacher Rachel put on free classes all day to suit all, finishing with a very chilled restorative, followed by a pranayama practice. I caught up with practitioners that I have not seen for over a decade and met many newbie yogis too.

The yoga space is a quiet studio located at the top of Penzance in Clarence House therapy centre. Classes run throughout the week with a host of different Iyengar teachers teaching, all with their own unique way of conveying the Iyengar method.

Sukhasana in St Ives

A morning like this makes getting up super easy. We slept out under the stars again last night falling asleep at about 11.30 and wide awake by 5 feeling super refreshed. Then off to Porthmeor beach to host a yoga practice. It’s on the roof of West beach bakery (the opposite side to the island), the view is spectacular without having to cope with the irregularities of sand. The tide was high so perfect for a quick dip after if anyone fancied it.

My new yoga deck.

Just trying it out for size. Perfect for practicing my adho mukha vrksasana. My morning practice is cooled by the shade of the Copper Beech. Heavenly on hot days.

dear far today

“Dear lord…so far today”

“Dear lord…so far today”… has really helped me this week, to set an intention for the day ahead, accepting the things i need to change (insert your own words).

It has made me smile each morning and made everyone else laugh … happy days!

This photo is the sunrise over the Ruin cafe Tresco. I’m really looking forward to teaching my next yoga holiday there.



The Yoga Hut, Falmouth

What a super day at the yoga Hut in Falmouth with senior Iyengar yoga teacher Alan Brown, focusing on unlearning learnt habitual patterns of behaviour within yogasana. As a group we were mainly teachers, he explained ‘teachers need students, we forget that our first student is our own body, remember not to get stuck in habitual patterns of movement ‘This was the first workshop held at this new yoga studio run by the lovely Jane Lane. The studio had all the equipment we needed and with underfloor heating I couldn’t have been more comfortable.Alan is teaching again at the Zed shed in Penryn tomorrow from 11-5 pm. Go if you can make it .