This practice was such fun, please do not do this practice in a tree, for a start it is hard to find the perfect tree. I was lucky! How ever being out in nature, especially around tree’s is thoroughly recommended for health and well being. So much so that the Japanese call it Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing).

Some of the poses are modified to fit on or within the space that this magnificent Monteray pine gave me, so forgive some of my distances. Standing poses and back bends were the poses that flowed.

I do hope you enjoy the practice as much as i did.

Please look after yourself during your practice and read your movements well.


Love and light


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  • emilie 12/10/2020  

    such a beautiful tribute to the trees, helping me to keep being whithin the wildness and not just admiring it from beside
    thanks for sharing so kindly your care and your joy

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