Lockdown Day 5 Supta padangusthasana

This little session focuses on supta-padangustasana 1
It is a great way to start a practice or can be a short session all of it’s own. I really feel this pose is an adaptogen, great when your legs feel like they have not moved enough or when they have been worked hard, bringing relief from which ever way you are approaching it!
You will need a belt and a yoga mat and maybe a blanket if you need extra padding.
I apologise, the sound of the wind is quite loud as it changed direction.
This is a fun learning curve, thank you for watching,
:0) Lucy

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  • Penny 07/04/2020  

    Great sessions, Lucy! It’s just like actually being in class with you. And then you can pause & take it at a pace to suit ( for me, especially the backward extensions … phew! … & as for parivrtta ardha chandrasana … ) x x

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