Pinca Mayurasana

Peacock pose - a 25 minute practice

The Peacock pose, forearm balance, had me foxed for years.
As I started to think about the name of the pose and consider a peacocks trait’s (my arms are explaining the way the peacock opens up it’s tail feathers in the title picture), it got my imagination rolling and I was off.
I believe that it’s not about the perfect pose, it is about the correct approach, physically and mentally.

Precautions and contra-indications;
as with all inversions, please avoid during menstruation or if the pose causes pressure in the head, ears or eyes. If you have; back, shoulder, or neck injury.
A heart condition or high blood pressure.
Migraine or head-ache.

Most importantly as with any yoga practice, listen to your own body, be kind and sensitive to your bodies needs.

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  • Julie 24/11/2020  

    Hi Lucy, I’m loving your videos and would really like to do some of your zoom classes. I did leave a message on your website but you did mention sometimes they don’t get to you.

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